Wests Tigers kicks off season with beyondblue run-out shirt

Wests Tigers kicks off season with beyondblue run-out shirt
Author Wests Tigers Timestamp Thu 8 Feb 2018, 02:00 PM

Wests Tigers have designed a new run-out shirt to raise money and awareness for major charity partner, beyondblue.

The brand shirt will be worn by Wests Tigers players on the field as they warm up for each NRL game this season.

Each shirt is personalised with the players’ names and playing number.

While the bright blue shirt is set to turn heads and get Members and fans talking, it has a much more important role: raising awareness and funds for beyondblue.

Wests Tigers will be donating a percentage of all shirt sales to the mental health organisation.

Wests Tigers CEO Justin Pascoe encouraged the club’s Members and fans to get behind the initiative.

“We’re entering our third year of the partnership with beyondblue and are incredibly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with them,” Pascoe said.

“We’re working hard to break down the stigma around mental health conditions while also raising funds for the incredibly important work beyondblue does in the community.

“In creating this run-out shirt we’re not only going to get people talking, but we’re also going to raise money and I look forward to seeing plenty of the bright blue tops in the stands as well as on the field.

“I encourage our Members and fans to get their own beyondblue run-out shirt in the lead up to the season.”

beyondblue CEO Georgie Harman said Wests Tigers players wearing blue each week shows the commitment the players have made to support their mental health.

“Wests Tigers donning blue sets a great example to the NRL community, especially men, and the sporting community at large that talking about your mental health is the game changer,” Ms Harman said.

Only one in four men who experience anxiety or depression seek help and are less likely to ask for support than women.

“Taking control of your mental health is not a weakness and talking about how you’re feeling with someone you trust is often the first step to feeling better,” Ms Harman said.

The new beyondblue run-out shirt can be purchased for $85, with the shirt only available from the Wests Tigers Roarstore — click here to purchase your beyondblue run-out shirt.

For an additional $30, Members and fans can add their own name and number to the back of the shirt.

Why the beyondblue run-out shirt matters to Wests Tigers
Author Dan Talintyre Timestamp Thu 8 Feb 2018, 03:09 PM

Talking about mental health is a game changer.

That’s the message from beyondblue and the message Wests Tigers hope will be known by all after the release of the club’s newest run-out shirt today.

2018 will see Wests Tigers enter their third year of partnership with renowned mental health organisation beyondblue — an established organisation that strives to create mentally healthy environments for everyone, no matter their age or where they live.

From the outset, the partnership between the two organisations was of clear importance: something which CEO Justin Pascoe reflected on in the launch of the run-out shirt.

“I think this is a terrific initiative and a credit to both beyondblue and the staff here at Wests Tigers in launching this shirt,” Pascoe said. “I think it’s going to create plenty of conversations amongst fans but also amongst the playing squad too, which is great.

“I’ve said it many times but we are fortunate to be in the positions we are.

“We’ve got a very powerful brand in a sporting landscape and that allows us to use that brand to bring awareness to what beyondblue is all about, which is helping reduce the stigma of mental health issues and discussing them as individuals in society.”

By introducing their new beyondblue run-out shirt, Wests Tigers will take their stand on the issue of mental health — portraying to the public in a physical way on the field that talking about mental health is okay.

Part of the proceeds from every shirt will go to beyondblue also, to further assist in the support and assistance they provide to many.

beyondblue representative Patrice O’Brien said the generosity of Wests Tigers and joining of the two organisations with the run-out shirt was a powerful step forward.

“Partnering with clubs like Wests Tigers means we can get our message across to a whole group of people that otherwise might not hear the beyondblue message,” she said.

“For a club whose colours are black, white and orange to have a top that has all of the shirt blue is just incredible. People are going to ask questions and going to talk about why, and that’s going to help spark the conversations that are so tough to get going.

“People look at football players and they think they’re bulletproof,” O’Brien added, “but mental health doesn’t discriminate and the players wearing these shirts shows that.

“Mental health can affect anyone at anytime and football players are no different.”

A proud beyondblue ambassador for the past three seasons, Wests Tigers forward Chris Lawrence said the new run-out shirts would be a huge hit amongst the players and fans, adding his thoughts on the power of the shirt around mental health discussions.

“It looks great, and it’s a really great concept that’s been developed,” Lawrence said.

“I think something like this is a great way to get awareness out there.

"By having the blue top, it just sparks that conversation every time we run out to warm up on the field.

“In an environment like football, you never like to admit weaknesses,” he added.

“It’s very hard to go from being on the field where you are taught to push through pain and everything, and then come off the field and flick a button and admit that you might need help or you might be suffering from something, and that’s a constant battle.

“As a club, it’s really important that we continue to support with organisations like beyondblue, and it’s really exciting that this is in it’s third year now and growing.

“It’s helped open our eyes a lot to the issue of mental health not just in society but in rugby league too, and it’s really great to see that partnership continue to grow.”

Wests Tigers players will wear the run-out shirts prior to every game in 2018, with each player having their name and Wests Tigers player number printed on the back.

The shirts are available for sale exclusively from the club’s official online store, www.roarstore.com, with proceeds from every shirt going to beyondblue.

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