2018 All Stars

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    I think this tourney has morphed into a festival. Do we have a commencement date and TV coverage?

  • I thought they scrapped the whole farce?
    The whole concept was pretty embarrassing TBH. Probably should have an Aussie vs Barbarians (rest of the world) match in it’s place at some stage of the year, February admittedly isn’t the optimal time.

  • I’m not too fused on the make up of a lead up tourney like the All Star V indig…I just like that we get some Feb footy as a little appetiser to the NRL.
    However with the WC following the NRL last year. I thought this years was scraped …could be wrong though.

  • The All Stars match has been suspended for 2018 but there is a Festival of Indigenous Rugby League on Feb 10 at Redfern Oval.

  • cam Smyth and jt charity game as well

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    cam Smyth and jt charity game as well

    Cammy has been on charity money since 2007 or thereabouts. Wouldnt surprise to see a person of his integrity rort a charity organisation either if that iis supposedly where some of the takings of this game are to be distributed. Hello Timmy Sim!

  • Not a great concept. Does anyone really care about or get behind the all stars team? Aborigines v Moaris would get good support.

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    This concept created division more than anything.

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