Lydia Lassila

Just saw her interviewed after missing out on the final

She apologized for letting everyone down

I honestly hope she doesn’t believe that , one of the most inspiring athletes of all time

Lydia you are a champion and have always have represented your country superbly with class

Good luck in the future , having an off day isn’t letting us down , be proud of your efforts , you should be

Represented Australia beautifully since Salt Lake City back in 2002 in a sport where injuries happen frequently. What a champ.

Classy athletes are a diminishing breed these days unfortunately. Good luck Lydia on your retirement.
People like her make a refreshing change from maggots like Kyrgios and Tomic in modern-day sport.
Congratulations to Lydia on a great career.

A friend of mine used to be in the Australian team although never made the Olympics. If she wanted to do a particularl jump in competition. She had do each jump 200 times before hand. I’m not too sure on the exact numbers but I think she had to do it 90 times into Water before snow landings. Anyway she had three knee reconstructions and was the nicest girl you’d ever meet but the coach pushed her too far when she was fatigued and she lost the love of skiing. Every year I catch up with her family down at Perisher but she never comes these days . She has a couple of young kids now. Hopefully she will teach them to ski one day. Anyway congrats to Lydia on an amazing career, she should be so proud of herself.

Our greatest ever Winter Olympian, you have nothing to be sorry about Lydia! I couldn’t even begin to do what you do!

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