NRL to change one-on-one strip rule in 2018

The NRL has informed clubs of a rule change for the 2018 Telstra Premiership, making alterations to the one-on-one strip.

At Tuesday’s chief executive conference at Rugby League Central, the clubs were informed of the alteration that could have an impact on defensive strategies heading into the new season.

Previously players were penalised for stripping the ball in a one-on-one situation if another defender had made any contact in the tackle leading up to the ball being raked.

However under the new rule the players can strip the ball in a one-on-one situation regardless of previous contact made by teammates.

And the one on one strip where a second player is minutely involved happens half a dozen times a year .

Glad Greenberg and his cronies are dealing with the more pressing issues of the game !

It might be small but at least common sense seems to be prevailing, these calls were very annoying.

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