Few Quick thoughts from the Trial

Few quick observations from the trial game. Keen to here what everyone else saw from the live stream.


  • The benefit of having a new side essentially was there for all to see. Everyone wanted to impress. Everyone is playing for spots. We ran there ball a lot harder then the Cowboys. We played with far more intent and energy.

  • Our 2nd string pack was dominant. JJ Felise played like an animal getting over the advantage line and getting quick play the balls. Aloli was really really strong when he came on. Even Grant was getting over the advantage line and Eisentuth and even Lawrence played pretty strong.

*Cowboys were terrible. I reckon they gave away about 12 penalties, 4 or 5 when they had the ball. They struggled to compete a set in the first half.

  • Brooks an Reynolds had their moments individually. Brooks running game is really dangerous. I think he gave up 3, 7 tackle sets thought so that is an ongoing concern. Reynolds looked very busy. I much prefer him at 6. He throws too many off passes too be eve a half decent hooker. Gamble looks a strong boy and scored a really nice try taking the line on. All our halves took the line on.

  • Our goal kicking looks bad. Real bad.

I think godinet looked handy from dummy half, didn’t see much of his defence, but he looks a good backup to the other two.
Gamble looks like an old school centre, but he might need a year or so in reserves to catch the speed of firsts.

Positives outweighed any negatives. But we just have to improve before a break!

Mikaele and Felise showed the way and impressed me greatly against good opposition.

I found the WT official site live streaming blocked??

Considering most of the game was played in near 30 degree heat and high humidity before a tropical storm poured down our handling was quite good.

I also thought our defense was above average especially for a first hit up.

The refs were also quite tough on incorrect play the balls. I’ll give them a month before the coaches have their way again.

Our forum website needs more grunt during games……can this be looked at.?

Thought we were great the biggest concern for me is Hooker - McIlwrick is solid but he doesent pose a threat from dummy half which restricts the time our boys get as the markers know they can just take off

It is our first trial for the year, but Brooks still lacks composure on tackle 5, his kicking game was abysmal, he did look dangerous when he ran. But there’s no more excuses for this guy, sink or swim time.


Thought we were great the biggest concern for me is Hooker - McIlwrick is solid but he doesent pose a threat from dummy half which restricts the time our boys get as the markers know they can just take off

I want to like McIllwrick cause he is such a whole hearted player but he is terrible. Service is bad, doesn’t engage markers, no kicking game, defence is ok I guess. Seriously Halatau was a better hooker.

Happy with that hit out. One of the things I really noticed was that all the back rowers got the ball early and passed it. Under Taylor they always got the ball right at the line. Will be interesting to see how this progresses as I don’t see any of our edge forwards as real ball players.

only saw 10 minutes…reynolds is no dummy half.
hopefully no injuries

I know it’s only a trial match and very early days, but geez we looked like a totally different team from previous seasons, with a totally different mindset. Very happy to see Felise back and playing so well against some of he best in the game. He and Twal are going to be a revelation I reckon.

I thought Godinet looked the best out of dummy half, Marsters is a great centre (who needs Suli), Reynolds played well and Brooks looked better than he has for a while, also. I think Gamble could be a real smokey too, seems to have some confidence.

Tui was good at the back and he has to be our goal kicker cause the others were crap. Hodgo is supposed to be working with quite a few of our potential goal kickers, I sure hope they improve before the season begins!

When you consider who wasn’t playing tonight, i.e most of our starting pack, I thought it was a fantastic effort dominating the Premiership favourites. The Cowboys were terrible for most of the game for sure, but perhaps it was because our guys prevented them from playing any better.

  • Cows were pretty ordinary, but i don’t think they really took it too serious, probably just happy for JT and Scott to have a bit of a trot and no injuries.

  • Reynolds looked way sharper than late last year.

  • Brooks still can’t kick, this is the number 1 thing i want to see improve. It’s crucial and needs to improve 200%.

  • Our D through the middle got exposed a few times when they got quick ptb, and JT ran a direct raid through there with plenty of support.

I don’t know about everyone else but the live stream was pretty bad, i think i only got about 10 uninterrupted mins, the rest was constant freezes, pretty useless.
To make things worse i tried to get on here to see what’s going on with the stream at the start of the game and this site had crashed, pretty frustrating when you’ve been waiting all day for it.

Overall we went ok, pretty hard to get a guage really given how poor NQ were, our edge D never really got tested.

Was a real positive game from us……Totally outplayed the cows. Amazing what competing for spots does. Not only our attack looked good but our defence looked very solid. Know it’s only a trial but impressed. Offloads were great along with our support Play. Sharks trial will be interesting. Luke still has to be better with his kicks and not give away 7 tackle sets.

Thanks for posting up guys, still stuck at work and didn’t get to see any of the trial, but glad to hear Felise played well along with Marsters, Thompson and a few others. Cronulla should provide a tougher test next weekend and hopefully the likes of Packer, Sue and Taylor can get a few minutes under their belt. Not fussed if Matulino doesn’t play in that trial, just as long as his knee is right for round 1.

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