What is Brooks best position

I’m asking outside of the Brooks thread. Because it may get dwarfed there.

But what is Luke Brooks best position? Five Eight, Fullback, Halfback, Hooker or something else.

So Brooks’s strengths are:
He has a good running speed.
He can pass.
high try assists and tries.

His weaknesses:
Bad 5th tackle command.
Bad kicking.
Dosen’t position the team well.
Was a turnstyle in defense.

Expecting Orange Cutter to be answered below. I actually think the guy is talent, but maybe not a halfback. Just with Moses and Teddy and our constant desperation to find a good half, we put him in halfback.

18th man if he does not get things happening before round 7.


18th man if he does not get things happening before round 7.

I wouldn’t be waiting that long, and I don’t think Ivan will either, he has shown his hand with Tui already, I for one love it, accountability, something we have never had.

Best position…left right out .

In my opinion it’s too late to try something else for him, At least at WT. He has to sink or swim as a halfback for us. If he cant do it within the early few rounds he’s out. I’d put Marshall in and promote Gamble to the interchange as a signal to G that next season it’s his.

WT have endured too long this halfback with promise. Always next year, with more experience or being overshadowed by others. No hiding him elsewhere in the team.

Not sure if he has played 5/8 before.
Definitely halfback but lacks badly in last tackle options.
It would be interesting to see how he goes at hooker.
I can’t see him playing any other positions.


At another club !

No other club would want him unfortunately.

Luke will be our half-back

Brooksie is our Achilles heel….He is our :sign: square peg in the round hole and has been for years…

Roosters /Melbourne/Cowboys

Are we talking a 2018 immediate swap

His a half back, end of story.
Whether his a first grade half back that’s a different and long story, one that if it actually started with a season in reserve grade would have had been quite a good read.
It’s not ability with Brooks it’s interest.
That’s all I see lacking in his game.
Teams will not want to pay 500,000 for someone happy to just kick around with his mates.
Hopefully firstly, Brooksie has decided he does want a career as a professional footballer then secondly he has the drive to motivate himself to achieve it.
I haven’t seen it yet.
His a talented kid but I just keep asking myself does he do the extras, does he want to? How much time does he really spend practicing grabbers?
He looks a lot fitter than I’ve ever seen in the past so at least that’s showing some determination.

Looks to be a potential Jake Granville type hooker to me, but who knows. Cant judge any other position until we see him there for some length of time. I remember he went to dummy half for 20 minutes under Potter, he and the team looked outstanding. Only 20 minutes though.

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