Secret ‘Western Bears’ NRL expansion talks

The North Sydney Bears and a consortium from Western Australian are reportedly exploring the idea of joining forces to launch a fresh bid to be included in an expanded NRL competition.

A day after new ARLC chairman Peter Beattie declared rugby league must “expand or die”, Fairfax Media says former Western Reds chairman Laurie Puddy and North Sydney Bears chairman Perry Lopez have held a series of secret talks about forming a “Western Bears” franchise.

While the negotiations are preliminary, both parties are said to be open to the prospect of working together to provide a compelling case for an NRL license.

How I used to enjoy going to North Sydney Oval. I still think a existing Sydney team will be forced to move.

Northwestern Tiger Bears has a real ring to it

I recall that Benny Elias and the Boss of Salford touted this a few years ago. The West Tigers sounded like a franchise that could work. But then I remembered how Benny Elias had helped ruin the Balmain Leagues Club site. A UWS Lecturer told my class that at an end of year exam he was reading off the attendance list. He was a Tigers fan. He saw Benny’s name on the list. He looked up. The guy in Benny’s spot was wearing a baseball cap. The lecturer was confused. The guy didn’t look like Benny Elias. When he called his name the guy got up and ran out of the room. It was Benny’s cousin - I think he was a winger in reserves. Gotta love the Lebs!

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