Rd 3 juniors

HM Matthews
Balmain 32 Magpies 18

SG Ball
Balmain 24 Angry Birds 20

Cronulla 24 Wests Tigers 10

Assuming the ‘Angry Birds’ reference is due to a fight???

Bearing in mind Flegg was a trial too.

That SG Ball game was one of the lowest quality junior games i’ve seen. Must have been a combined 30 knock ons in the match. And about 30 penalties too. Appalling handling and discipline from both teams. You can see why neither had won a game yet this season, and both will struggle to win a game from now on.

Wests dominated first 20 mins after a shocking start from Balmain. 12-0. Then Balmain finished the strongest and was 12-10 at HT, a few quick tries had Balmain with a 10 point lead and weren’t really tested from then on.

The no 17 for Balmain, Papali i think it was, made a big impact when he came on. Put Balmain on the front foot for the first time in the match. The lock also had a lot of size and skill about him. Best for Wests was their 8.

Far more individual talent in these teams than in Flegg though. Once these guys move up to Flegg we might have a chance of winning a game or two

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