Hey guys just wondering if anyone is watching the Magpies game, and could give us some updates on how the boys are going?

I am, they skipped out to a 12-nil lead, but Newtown has had the better of it in the last 15 minutes and lead 16-12 at halftime.

16-12 to Newtown. That’s what happens when you get a drink!

Lolahea is a bit scratchy, McQueen looks good in defence and there hasn’t been a lot for Fonua, though he has been keen to work it up. Gamble and Sironen both impressive.

Very average to say the least .

Seems a lot better than last year at least.

there losing 16-12 half time

Lolohea looks like he’s heading for another week in the reggies

B Sironen possibly nailing down position #29

Sadly it’s all too familiar - very strong 25-30 minutes then poor defensive lapses to undo all the good work leading into half time.

Fonua will not be a wing option in the immediate future… McQueen is a least 5 or 6 weeks away am surprised how small he is … and Lolahea now I know why he is in reserve grade a heap of improvement needed to make firsts . Gamble a bit disappointing actually but early days … JJ looks good only the 1st half of a trial but not what I expected but the pre run on song We are the boys from Western Suburbs brought back some memories.

Looks like Lolo just threw an intercept. Jets up 22-12.


whats the score now

22-18, Magpies just scored.

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