The Dragons Bus

Looks like the Dragons have stolen our cliche.

And it even has its own Twitter

To put it in context, Jason Nightingale bought or hired a bus to transport players who live in Sydney, to the Gong for training.

There needs to be an investigation.

The windows on the Dragon bus would have been licked clean if lil Jimmy Soward was still there.

The wheels on the Dragons Bus go round & round, stuff the Dragons. Lol.

Was in SA for a work Conference and our company hired one of the teams Bus ( Crows ) for our ride from the Barossa Valley to the airport , we stopped near a park in the city to drop a few people of who were staying on and the kids in the park spotted the bus and ran straight to it , they were happy as when they got to the door but when it was opened the shock on there faces was priceless , no players just a bunch of out of Towner older people , We need Bus , painted it would be a hit , maybe use it for home games with 50 members drawn out of a hat for a ride from the club to the game each home round , just a thought

Spotted the dragons bus earlier

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