We need a volunteer/s

The seasons less than a week away and we dont have a forum tipping comp

I think it was Former who ran the previous ones, they do take up some time and personally these days I dont have much time for the forum or especially to run and tally up tipping comp scores

Weve done points start tipping for the last few years which takes even more time to calculate results…just a straight H2H comp would be OK…itd be a shame if we didnt have a comp this year…a bit like the year Humpty decided members didnt need badges/cards

Anyone wanna have a crack?


And a forum tipping league
code - 216463

851 has set this one up at the daily telegraph…

register here… https://supercoach.dailytelegraph.com.au/nrl/tipping/register?login=1##panel-body-steps

I will be away a lot this year so don’t have the time to organise etc…

Awesome….thanks geo and 851

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