This is a Very Winnable Game

I have a sneaky feeling we might finally break the Roosters curse. Just a hunch as on talent it is not really a contest -they have far more firepower.

Round 1 is a great time to get the Chooks. Play them when they are rolling in Round 8 or Round 12 and we probably have none as in previous years. Surely their attack wont be clicking into gear first up (pray)

However they are coming off a long season. Plenty at the World Cup. Controversy in the off season with Pearce debacle.
Keary potentially out Cronk first up.

Most are expecting us to get pummelled. I really think we can ambush them up front and just try and out hustle and out work them,. We have that mentality there with not much to lose and no expectations from the outside we are hunting them. I think we can win this game in the forwards

I have tipped us to run 15th this year but I think we can win this game. Our Round 1 record is excellent over the years.

Go figure.

I said this earlier in another thread. I think we will be fired up plus I’m expecting a big round 1 crowd full of hope and expectation to spur the team on. Chooks could be ambushed. Hope so!

Every games is very winnable Eddie , my biggest concern is how the Roosters bowed out in 2017 , their forwards got towelled up in a game they were heavily favoured to win

I think Robinson will have them fired up

You’re a 50/50 chance when you run out on the paddock.

The vibe has been there since November, mostly created by positive reports out of the club.

It will be their chance to put up or shut up. In my mind, if they haven’t been full of hot air we will win, and if has all been fluff we will see exactly how much work remains.

Never get a feeling when we play the Roosters, but usually I have a reasonable idea of how I think the team will go.
I can honestly say I have no idea with this new team. At this point it doesnt make much sense to me because the spine is untried - not even sure who it will be… Sure will be interesting.

Can’t see how with the lack of talent…


Can’t see how with the lack of talent…

I hope they don’t fluff out after 20mins


Can’t see how with the lack of talent…

What ??

You’d have us forfeit ??

And you call yourself a WT’s supporter

I am making the trip down mainly because of the 4.30 start which will allow me to get home by midnight, so we will win and the headlines will be screaming our praises on sunday. Lets get confident Tigers!!!

I’m Takng the Tigers , I feel the new players will all want to do something , adding that to the few from last year , Nofo , Brooks , Lawrence , etc that would be well and truly over loosing all the time , this team can do some damage , some say we lack talent , I don’t think so , we have plenty we just need all of it to come out together , Brooks , ET , Reynolds , Packer , Matalino, Thompson , Tui , Twai , these are all solid players , with talent , let’s just dump the negative and back the team we support , tigers by 8

Iam worried when Eddie starts having positive vibes. IMO we are long odds, simply because these early season games are usually very quick and expansive games and we lack speed.

Agree with the OP… This is a good time of the season to play the best teams.

Errors will be the deciding factor, and if we can be on the right side of that coin we are every chance to see a Tiger victory.

Fire Up Tigers!!!

Who was it that had a hunch about the Manly game last year?

Cordner will likely trouble us again, but I expect JWH has had his days in the sunshine against us and that we will dominate him from this game forward. As such we are in with a chance to end our horrible run against them.

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