3. Marsters
2. Thompson
1. Taylor

Honourable Mentions Packer, Rochow, Lawrence, Marshall, Matulino, Eisenhuth, Twal, Brooks, Watene-Zelezniak, Lolohea. Godinet. Chee-Kam, Naiqama, McIlwrick…

Naughty Cnr Badge…and the 5th Pie was cold…

3. Thompson
2. Masters
1. Benji

Very hard to choose this one today, but I’ll go with:

3 - Marshall
2 - Marsters
1 - Twal/Matulino/Eiso/Thompson/Rochow/Taylor

3. Marsters
2. Thompson
1. Marshall

3. Eisenhuth
2. Rochow
1. Marshall

Packer/ Matulino

3. Benji - controlled it when we needed it
2. Taylor - just super human
1. Packer and Matulino - provided the platform

3 Rochow
2 Marshall
1 Marsters / Packer

3. Marsters
2. Marshall
1. Thompson

3. Benji
2. Taylor
1. Marsters

3. Marshall
2. Chee Kam
1. Marsters

Twal / Eisenhuth / Packer / Matulino
We’re great and Thompson is a real live wire

Tui was good in the last 15 mins

Brooks needs to get more involved

Kev should be stacking shelves at Coles , but he’d probably suck at that

I’ll go with the lot of them after that. Makes you proud to be a West Tiger.

3. Rochow - stiffened up that edge and set the line speed out wide.
2. Marshall - stepped up when we needed it. He really controlled the speed of the game well. Still had a few classic Benji moments though.
1. Thompson - looked the most likely to spark something and ultimately did.

Honourable mentions
Marsters, Matulino and Packer.

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