Benji digs deep

What an inspirational performance by Benji today …thrown in well and truly underdone .He dug in really deep today and hats off to him ,his game management was good as well.

Welcome back home champion. It was a masterstroke by Cleary to resign him. The best is yet to come!

Benji kept them calm and focussed when they were down to 12 men.
He is going to be an asset to the club once again.

He was good today … Credit where credit is due , didn’t over cook anything and showed Brooks how it’s done .

Classy display especially when Brooks went off. Glad he can finish his career here

His composure during that stage when we were down to 12 men… that was up there with the match-winning performances today, and is a great sign for Benji this season. He has definitely matured in the past year or two, and I can’t wait to see more of him in the coming weeks.

Benji is not as flashy as he used to be but he definitely plays smarter,his control today was near perfect,whereas in the past we would of had to rely on Brooks or Moses who usually came up with the wrong play required to get the side out of trouble.

Was fantastic especially in the period Brooks was in the bin…

Still had some wild passes but hey …you take that…some of his decisions in defence were awesome…

Gutsy performance considering he didn’t play a trial, and was to come off the bench.

Continuously kicking to the corners when Brooks was in the bin. That was footy smarts that have been lacking in our halves for years. The prodigal son is home.

Well done Benji good to have you back

Was hoping he had won the game of “Snap” when the ball was on the ground in the in-goal. What a disgrace that Brooks got 10 for accidently kicking the ball in the ruck-Friend must have thrown a dozen blatant forward passes from dummy half without consequence.
Great job Benji, would be happy for him to start next week and have Gamble off the bench for a bit of strike power.

Got to hand it to him, I was sure he was too stupid to learn the game… turns out Sheens was too incompetent to teach it to him.

Played like a stud. Still want to put one on his chin for that union jersey fiasco, but he showed all kinds of composure today that I didnt think he had in him. Have to tip my hat to the bloke.

80 mins of cerebral football from one Benji Marshal… would have laughed in your face if you had ever said that to me before today… Satan is strapping on the ice skates as we speak.

Great gutsy mature performance.
Welcome back …. all is forgiven.

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