Esan Marsters

What are people’s options of him I think by the end of next year he could be in the top 10 centers in the game what I understand is that he has played mostly in the back row I am just so impressed by him I understand why Cronulla chased him so hard the last time he was off contract

He is out and out back rower lock in my opinion.
Just a fill in at centre …. but doing good job.

I’m a huge fan….loves an offload.

What a player. Given a challenge from IC to lose weight BEFORE pre-season, comes back in immense shape and started the season the way he left off. See him as a Nathan Brown style lock in the future, but at this point why fix something that isn’t broken atm down that right edge? Him and Thompson were huge for us.

Hopefully we hang onto him, clubs will be circling as his contract ends this year

The back rower / lock thought is interesting. With Cleary asking him to lose weight for 2018 it would seem that Cleary sees his future in the centres. Otherwise there would be moves to progressively bulk him up gradually as he grows.

Thoughts… absolute gun. First grade looks easy for him.


He is out and out back rower lock in my opinion.
Just a fill in at centre …. but doing good job.

Exactly! An edge back rower to be precise and I think he will end up there…

Why when Marsters is the best centre we have….I don’t get it…very Justin Hodges like…

Was asked to lose Kg’s to specifically naul down that centre spot…Well done Ivan…

Upgrade his contract now along with Mikalele we have the cap space zero excuse letting him hit the open market. Will cost more by the end of the year.

He was great for us on the weekend and is only getting better. He can make a centre spot his for years to come for mine. He was thrown in there last year and has come along nicely - sign him up now.

Probably will end up in the 2/nd row, but boy he is doing a great job where he is. Looked very dangerous on the weekend.

I thought he was one of our best yesterday and a persistent threat. Considering he was marking Latrell, who honestly didn’t get a heap of ball, but Marsters constantly beat him in attack with the footwork and offloads.

Didn’t look up the stats but his first 4-5 hitups he only went to ground w the ball once, then Roosters started putting 3 men into every tackle. Thing is, 3-man tackles out on the fringes are dangerous, sets you up for some big ruck gaps with a quick PTB.

Was a real threat all game, like he was against the Cowboys in the trial, and I remain very impressed.

Last year he was a backrower playing in the centres, but Geo is right. He’s lighter and fitter this year and while I would love to see him add a yard or two in pace, his footwork is impressive and his offload ability is first class.

Man of the match. I know we’re waiting til after round 4 to restart contract talks, but i wouldn’t be waiting. His value is only going to rise. He’s suddenly our 2nd choice goal kicker too.

Long term a definite back rower but for someone that a year ago had never played centre to suddenly be our number one centre is amazing and a testament to the hard work he puts in off the pitch.

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