Shut the gate

Tigers win.
Woods, Tedesco and Moses all lose.
Tedesco drops the ball with the try line begging.
Moses gets a good old wallop in the first few minutes and is later sin binned, returning only to be unsighted as the going gets tough, yet again.
Manly and Souths also lose.

I reckon we could just wrap up 2018 here and now. It can’t possibly get any better.

yep,for this week ,nothing else matters.

My thoughts to, perfect weekend, good guys won, bad guys lost and the three imagoes all played broken and lost. The NRL god shinned on us

Moses was fantastic in the first 15 minutes but was not sighted after that. He’s a fair weather footballer that fellow.

Yes great week for us! If only it could stay this way, and who knows it might, but I fear by seasons end things will have turned around and unfortunately, that’s the end where it matters most.

I think this was discussed in the Round 1 other games thread…

but hell yeah perfect weekend of Rugby League…

Wicky sucking lemons ofter the final game of the Round was the icing…

Lets not get too cocky,

It is nice to sit back and be entitled to a little smugness about how the weekend went….tigers fans deserve it at least for one week…

All good outcomes on the weekend……the best though for me was shutting up the arrogant latte sippers…their hypocracy knows no bounds…

I wonder if Teddy,Moses and Sharon have text each other…shedding some tears hopefully…

I can see it now…the text saying …what have we done,what have we done ??? :bawling :bawling :bawling

I tipped 6 winners so that should get me somewhere near the leaders ….For now anyways

We would not have won had those three still been in the team. Consider it a blessing that they’re not here and watch in awe as they cry of a curse that they’re not still playing for us, A.K.A a winning team (for now) :slight_smile:

In massive news out of Belmore Arron Woods has reportedly asked for an immediate release from his Bulldogs contract. Apparently Woods came to this shock decision whilst at a dinner with his misses. Unconfirmed and anonymous sources overheard Woods stating that he just wants to play finals, repeatedly stating it is what it is. Woods has been in contact with his manager Isaac Moses who was last seen on his knees outside the Concord office of Jason Pascoe.
In unrelated news, James Tedesco has fallen from favour at Bondi after telling his team mates he might be heading to the Titans as he just wants to play finals footy. There is no truth to the rumour he was drinking a soy latte at the time.


Lets not get too cocky,

i see what you did and if you didn’t mean too you should have…



Lets not get too cocky,

i see what you did and if you didn’t mean too you should have…

Your on a higher level than us all. and thats worth crowing about.

Either Woods or Tedesco are gonna go 0-2 after Friday night and Moses has Manly at Brookvale. Could still be more misery for the snakes to come.

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