Storm V Tigers Live Game Thread - Spoliers

Massive test tonight. Not confident but I hope we show the same fight as last week.

You would think this match is just an exhibition gallop for Slater in his 300th the way the media have covered this match this week. Let’s spoil the party Tigers! Rip in!

would love to ruin the party cause I find Slater annoying

Apparently Slater is the only one playing tonight. You’d be forgiven for thinking the other 33 players had taken the night off.

Good kick off from Benji

i’m not watching because every set will be about slater know one else

Good D in the first couple of sets, hope this sets the standard for the night.

Nofo caught just short of the line after the Storm let a bomb bounce

Masters… Draw and pass dammit

Great defense after Solomona and Slater break the line, also great take Thompson!

Good cleanup work by Thompson after the Storm tested our right edge.

Testing the wingers from our kicks so far

Great bomb from Benji causing the Storm some problems

Storm get a penalty in good field position and take the tap

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