Benji Deserves the Accolades

For the second week in a row, Benji Marshall was superb for the Tiges. He provided the steadying influence required when the pressure was on, his bombs and touch finders were of the highest quality and, never thought I’d say it, his defense was outstanding. If this continues I think it might be very hard for Reynolds to break into the team, especially as a half. What an inspired signing!

Man of the match for mine, just in front of 16 others.

He was excellent tonight. His kicking was the difference.

He even started to show some of his old running game.

I suspect we will see quite a few good games from him this year.

What a general, barking instructions right up to the very last hit up of the game from Thompson

Hugely influential in both games. Without him I honestly doubt we win. He is playing like a halfback when grub comes back I think he should replace Brooks.

He was on fire. Best I’ve seen him running in years, and a couple of game-changing tackles.

He is so good! Such passion and played well. Can’t be removed fro. Halves

Benji has always been quality……and still is…

Has been great since his come back such a mature player these days who has taken the chance to control a team

Superb,as was last weeks effort.

The thing for me with Benji mark 2 is his composure, I’m not used to seeing that from him. I’m hoping once the team shifts into top gear and finds some rhythm if Benji can maintain that composure and inject some of the magic that he possess we are in the box seat for a good season.

The only problem will be if he slips into his old ways again and overplays his hand, hopefully with his new found maturity he will find that elusive balance of game management and being a game breaker!

My favourite tiger of all time. That break and flick in the grand final is my fav moment ever. Glad to see him back at the tigers and definitely a major reason we are 2-0.

Absolutely love seeing him playing like this wearing the Tigers jersey, he’s always had this footy in him but it seems it’s taken him longer than others to become that settled controlled half.
This is the Benji I’ve been waiting to see for so long, the reason why I was such a big Benji basher in the past was because he wasn’t playing like he has these past two weeks.
He’s been influential in both wins.

I’ve gotta admit he has proved me utterly wrong

It makes me wonder whether he has had that game management in him all along , or whether that has come from working with Mary and Unca Wayne

Or maybe just understanding that the 2005 Benji was gone and things had to change

Doesn’t really matter , Josh Reynolds is going to have to play some great footy to unseat Benji

Great place for the club to be in either way

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