Ran hard, defended well, hands were good and he got us a repeat set with the boot.
Top effort Rowdy! On that performance he is well and truly in our top 17

Thank you for burying Billy Slater in his 300th game into the graveyard turf right in front of me….

also when down to 12 men made 3 15m charges at speed from our end to get us going as well as the repeat set that gave us the chance to win the game…

Well done…

Slater hit was brilliant. He’s lifted with the team and deserves it. Has been a club great who has has to show a lot of resilience

Geo, thank you. I thought he was our best tonight along with ET. He did a ton of work and ran some really good lines. Have not seen any stats but ET must have been over 50 tackles and Lawrence would have been in the 30s plus plenty of yards. No one rated him in their 1 2 3s

Lawrence had a great game and was one of our best. Outstanding effort with the ball and in defence.

I think he put in two kicks this match. Two left-footers and both well executed. He was solid last week too.

An unsung hero. Deserves his spot and showed it tonight. And what about the grubber kick into the ingoal to force a repeat set!! Hasn’t forgotten his playmaking skills Sheenius and Roycey gave him eh

Lawrence was my fourth pick in the 321.

Anyone who reckons he’s a coaches pet needs their head read.

And the 3 15m runs early SH.

As I’ve said, defending him on this forum, in my humble opinion, he’s one of the first picked each week

Much more suited under Ivan Cleary. Can hit a flat ball and can support off loading forwards.

Great all-round game from Rowdy tonight, the hit on Slater had me out of the chair.

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