Benji Marshall and wife Zoe announce birth of son Fox

Kiwi NRL star Benji Marshall and wife Zoe have confirmed the safe arrival of their “miracle baby” son Fox.

Recalling Zoe’s difficult 10-hour labour three weeks ago, Marshall told Woman’s Day he did all he could to help her through the painful contractions.

"The doctor said the cord was wrapped about the baby’s neck, so I told Zoe she had to push. It was as if I was giving a talk to the boys on the field…

"Then after he was born, the doctor said I’d have to grab him really tightly because he’d feel like a wet footy.

“I squeezed him so hard - he was going nowhere!”

The couple revealed last September that they were expecting their first child, but have only just confirmed his birth and name because of an exclusive deal with the women’s magazine.

Marshall, who revealed a week ago that he decided to switch to rugby union after discovering the Wests Tigers no longer wanted him, said he was crying and “hysterical” after holding his son for the first time, but described the moment he cut the umbilical cord as “the best feeling ever”.

Zoe, 33, said she is “so grateful” for her son, having worried that she would not be able to conceive naturally.

The TV and radio presenter struggled to get pregnant for two years after a lengthy battle with stage-four endometriosis. The couple were considering IVF until Zoe fell pregnant within six months of seeing Chinese medical practitioner Dr Shuquan Liu.

Liu, who opened his first New Zealand clinic in Auckland’s Epsom earlier this month, had put Zoe on his radical 101 Wellbeing and fertility programmes.

“I can’t give him enough gratitude or praise,” she told the magazine.

“This is our miracle baby. I just didn’t know if it was going to happen. I was open to having IVF, but I wanted to try everything else first.”

“I’ve never been so proud in my whole life.”

The new arrival’s name, Benjamin Fox (Fox for short), is a nod to the fact the couple have referred to each other as their Arctic fox throughout their relationship - Arctic foxes mate for life.

It is also a tribute to Marshall’s uncle, who is also named Benjamin, and to Zoe’s late mother Jan, who had planned to call her Benjamin if she was a boy.

“With Benji not having his dad, me losing my mum and then him losing his adopted dad, it’s a nice feeling to have our own family,” Zoe said.

“This is our only priority in the world. Nothing else matters.”

Good on them, they’ll think nothing of the sleepless nights ahead, it’s all part of the joys of parenthood.

Congratulations to Benji and Zoe on the safe arrival of Fox

Lets hope Fox has the speed of the JAC fox

Endometriosis is a horrible disease , my Mrs had it and then found she went to the next stage PCOS

12 years trying for kids and then we had given up and started planning a trip my Mrs’s families home island of Kythera and then we were going to go to Gallipoli

The day we did our passport photos guess what ……Mrs found out she was pregnant with future Fantasy League /Draft Guru , X Box addict and hopefully future WT’s second rower EB

Fantastic for them - now Benji has it all.
And where did they get married at? beautiful Byron Bay

I had fertility problems and got some tablets sent from China and my sperm count went through the roof and did the trick giving me an heir. My western gyno guy was mysterified. Tablets had rhinos testicles, monkeys you know what etc etc (thirty years ago now and my son is spitting image of me in case you were wondering haha)

Congratulations to Benji and Zoe Marshall……

May the Lord bless their bundle of joy and protect their family as this is what truely matters in life

Well done Marshalls!

Keep barking those orders Benji, they’re working a treat so far.

Fox is better than calling him 9…

All the best health happiness Benji Zoe and Baby Marshall…

Congrats Benj and Zoe,it doesn’t matter how famous you are or just people living their lives to the fullest,having a baby is a wonderful experience and all everyone hopes for is that the babies that are born are healthy and happy……well done…

Congrats, B and Z,

Parenting is the greatest call in life.

I got 5 of my own between 14 and 3, My oldest girl is 9 Today.

Congrats to the Marshalls!

I guess this is the most relevant thread at the moment to say this in - that tackle on Slater early in the game on Saturday was just brilliant. The way he read it, and made the effort to get there… just so bloody good. Slater would have been away otherwise.

Feel like not enough has been said about it!

Middle name ‘Sports’??

Congrat’s Benji and Zoe, welcome to life as a parent.

Fox??? Better than calling him “Moon Unit” I suppose?

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