Any chance Brooks to 9 when Reynolds Returns?



Exactly I am not the greatest Brooks supporter be he does seem to be coming into his own and he is a specialist half. Probable Reynolds to 5/8 …Liddle to hooker … Benji to bench it is a LONG season.



Peeps watch 360




Peeps watch 360


I watched Ivan on Fox…from his comments I think he’s happy with Brooks at 7…

Didn’t they say in pre-season Josh would be spending time at 9…i dunno

Off the bench when he returns for mine as the utility…Des even used him there effectively…

Brooks will not be moved from 7. Ivan is working hard on making Brooks a consistent 7. Benji making a good argument to stay at 6. Reynolds will play utility covering 6 and 9. That will be plan 1 I reckon

Of course, Brooks hammys could go at any minute, just like grubs and make all this debate moot. If not, grub wears 14, a straight swap for McIlwrick, a player I like, but is too vanilla. I think long term this season we’ll see a Reynolds/Liddle rotation, unless Marshall or Brooks go down, shifting grub into the halves and Killer back onto the bench.



Expect changes…

Here we go, two rounds in with our half outplaying both his rivals, one deemed by many to be the best in the game and the other the protege that some were asking why ours can’t play like him.

We have won both those games with Brooks playing halfback and doing the job of a halfback. I too have enjoyed the new look Benji playing the way he has with adaptations to his game and particularly during the absence of his seven for ten minutes. Still, for mine, you are kidding yourselves if you think he has been playing as anything other than the role of a six, a supporting role where he gets to pick and choose his moments, which is of course his forte.

I am really happy with the combination and expect our play to become more expansive and playing at the line against different opponents. Cleary had already chosen to use a half in the role of substitute hooker, which was to be Reynolds, so he may as well take that place on the bench unless something changes game or injury wise.

Brooks has done a great job at 7 this year. In the two tight games we have played I believe he has played the type of game Ivan has instructed him to play. Nothing flashy just solid stuff for the full 80 minutes.
When Reynolds comes back I would have Reynolds coming of the bench. And slot in where needed. When the dummy half needs a break, I’ll think it will be a mixture of Reynolds and ET. I don’t think Reynolds will be at DH for every tackle of the set but will pick his moments.

I think Reynolds comes straight back into 5/8. benji the 14

Its Ivans plan A

Reynolds really hasnt played alot of footy for a long time, coming off the bench maybe the best option for him and the team.
Alot can happen in a week in footy and until he is ready to return its a decision thats probably best left until then.

I reckon Cleary would attempt Marshall at Fullback before switching Luke to DH. I dont see any reason to change Ivans pre-season preference once Reynolds comes back. The only difference may see Reynolds from the Bench instead of Marshall.

One thing is for certain, less of Marshall is usually more so having him off the bench makes more sence!


I think this has some legs as perhaps a long term solution. Dont get me wrong I really like Liddle however he is young and coming off a double shoulder reco. Probably not an 80 minute proposition for a while. I dont rate our current 2 hookers even though they are doing an admirable job in a great gutsy team performances.

Benji is running the team its so clear to see. Commanding the kicking game and barking orders to everyone. He is not going back to the bench.

We cant build our whole season off 10-8 victories. Like the Dragons last season we will by physically exhausted by mid season . We need some more spark in attack. Thats where hopefully Reynolds comes into it. With some of his off the cuff play out wide and ability to sniff out a try.

I actually think Brooks could be a really good number 9 in time. With a left foot kicking game and his defence is improving out of sight. He has a chunky build and is quick off th mark and can have a good passing game. A lot crisper then Reynolds anyway and more suited to 9.

Dont get me wrong the guys doing the job at the moment and this is not bagging Brooks. I just personally never see him turning into a great halfback. And i would hate to see Reynolds at 9 where i think he would be horrible.

Thoughts guys?

Ithink he’good where he is now , completely away from the field.

Leave it as it is. It’s working so just leave it.

If Josh does come into the side, Benji needs to at least be in the halves to finish the game. We need that composure. That said, he’s getting on a bit and could probably do with a rest at some point.

I can see it working like this.

  • Brooks, Benji and Pita/Liddle to start
  • Reynolds on at 30 mins to 6, Benji has a rest
  • Benji back on at 55 mins, Reynolds to hooker. Pita/Liddle to bench.

March 19, 2018 6:00pm
Ennis: Moving Brooks to No.9 makes way for Benji and Reynolds, and unlocks points in Tigers’ attack

MICHAEL Ennis has offered up a shock solution for how to fit Josh Reynolds, Benji Marshall and Luke Brooks into the Wests Tigers spine.

With Ivan Cleary’s men two from two, his team is yet to play a game with marquee recruit Reynolds.

The playmaker has been sidelined to start the season after tearing his hamstring before the season opener but with Reynolds nearing his return, questions are being asked about where he fits into the side.

Reynolds’ former Bulldogs teammate Michael Ennis has thrown up a solution to Cleary’s halves headache, even though it’s a very left-field fix.

“I’d play Josh Reynolds at five-eighth,” Ennis declared on Fox Sports.

“Benji Marshall has done enough to show he cannot be removed from this side … he’s happy to play the orchestrator. He doesn’t need the flamboyance in his game anymore. He’s matured so much.

“I would go with Luke Brooks at dummy half.”

But what would that switch mean for Pita Godinet?

Jacob Liddle is also on the verge of returning from injury, while Matt McIlwrick has been starting from the bench.

Ennis believes Godinet and Brooks should share the hooking role.

“I would keep Pita Godinet, whose been superb and a point of difference and showing some attack out of dummy half, but I would go Luke Brooks with his left foot kicking game and speed out of dummy half,” Ennis continued.

“That provides some real stability around the ruck and would also allow Marshall and Josh Reynolds to play the football they’re capable of.

“10 points in both games. Yes, it’s been great defensively and you can’t fault their work ethic but we’ve seen with the Dragons in recent years, when you build your whole season on defence and you can’t find points, you get worn out. The Tigers need to find points and that’s what Josh Reynolds does.”

I watch this and the entire panel basically laughed at Ennis.

Stupid idea - Benji is not our long term solution, I really love having him back however I’d be surprised if his form continues enough to warrant another season.

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