Broncos Team...

Hoping Boyd will have a nightmare match, a la Billy last week, and Benji can expose some of the weaknesses of the young halves that he mentored last season. This, along with a replica of the defensive efforts of the past 2 weeks should see us take the biscuits :mrgreen:

My biggest concern is the team playing without Taylor.
It gives us a bigger middle and eisunhuth will still be excellent there. The trick is selecting the right forward to come off the bench with Twal.
I hope the whole team has the presence of mind to work for one another and be in the position Taylor was in to make all those tackles.




Hw many Origin players in both sides?

You mean like Anthony Milford?

I would have Benji on current form and value to the team.

We have Mataluino,Packer,Marshall and Lawrence who all played Internationally.
And Reynolds,McQueen,Grant,Taylor who have either played Origin or for their country also.
Some good big game experience around club.

Can see bird coming in for Opacic


The speed men are the big danger, Milford and Roberts. Boyd is playing busted worth giving him some massive bombs

Exactly the way I see them, however with wet weather around they maybe negated. They still have a good pack that we will have to match tho. Actually hope Bird plays as he will be undergone you’d think.



They’ve got a solid team looking at it properly

Beatable but we’d need to maintain our performances the past 2 weeks, anything less and I cant see us winning

Yeah they were good against the Cowboys, but hopefully we aim up in front of a big home crowd and can frustrate them out of the game with our defence. It’s another big test though.

The fans need to get out to Campbelltown and make some real noise on Friday

Put the fear of God into the Broncos and the refs

Anything less than 16 k after the start we have had isn’t acceptable I’m sorry

Mice or men peoples ,mice or men

Control the ruck , put heaps of pressure on Nikorima and don’t force Milford to run late in the tackle count

Need to stop their speed men.

Bird will be underdone and Boyd is playing busted so would like a few of our big boppers to put some heavy hits on him.

Their second row and lock are very good.

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