Jeremy Marshall King named at 5/8

He has been named at 5/8 for the dogs this week. Good work and congratulations. I hope he kills it and we one day see him back in our colours as an established 5/8 :sign:

He’s come a long way from the kid I watched play rugby at Kingsdene Oval ten or more years ago

I was hoping we’d see him in the 9 to start the season for us, but can’t begrudge a bloke betting on himself to prove his worth. All the best to one of the few bright lights from last year’s ISP team!

in NYC i always thought he was a better half then 5/8, good luck to him. whilst not as talented as his brother you could never doubt his commitment on the field

Good luck to him - he tries his guts out - but the Dogs have some serious issues in the halves.

Best of luck to JMK. He’ll definitely give it his all.

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