The ruck

Can someone please explain to me why we are getting completely worked over with 3rd & 4th digs after the ref has called held and not receiving a penalty ?

Last week I attended the $torm game and on 2 occasions a $torm player was facing the sideline while playing the ball & no whistle

It again happened this week

I’m happy for the referees to go out and blow penalties on direction from the NRL but don’t not blow blatantly obvious penalties or should I say deliberately not blow penalties.

Broncos had their hands on the ball all first half yet it was us who got penalised for it lol.

They are blowing the pea but without consistenc. Half the penalties I’m seeing each week are rubbish, then some key ones are let go.

The NRL is a dogs breakfast at the moment.

And the weaker sides will often cop the bad end of the stick,

We just have to be better as the incompetence wont go away.

The refs aren’t allowed to apply their own judgement. They’ve been told what do by numptys like Archer for years.

Madge has taken over now and he seems just as bad. Had some sort of epiphany about leaving early so the games get bogged down in too many penaltys but the refs don’t even threaten to send anyone to the bin.

Ruck is no better and remains a free for all.

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