How will we respond?

After we’ve been absolutely robbed in a tiring and absorbing golden point game, how will the boys respond? We’ve got to pick ourselves up for the Easter Monday match against the Eels. The boys are gonna be really sore and tired both physically and mentally after that one.

At least they get 9 days off now to regroup.

I see this as a bigger test than our opening games. We should win if we maintain form.

The injury list will be crucial. With Benji doubtful Gamble might get the nod

We will be fine , although on there day Parra have some good attacking weapons despite there recent form .

As with the first 3, I have no idea what to expect

Ivan said in the press conference that this will not dint their confidence and I believe him.
He will embrace the underdog tag and will use these cruel decisions as motivation to charge harder and faster into any team that comes before them. I almost feel sorry for the poor Parra players, they will feel the full brunt of it,

This is the biggest thing for me to indicate if we really have turned the corner. Bouncing back from adversity is the sign of a top team.

Injuries might play their part this week

We will be fine it’s a good loss. Confidence would be huge after playing the Roosters, Storm and Broncos. We were hammered by the refs with key calls 3 weeks consecutive and won 2/3 and lost by a terrible penalty.

We have Reynolds, Liddle, ET who will be coming back at some stage as well as Tui who could cover 5/8 this week if Benji and Grub are out.

We’ll be fine, can’t see them losing confidence. Injuries may play a role in it though. Good thing is we have 9 days before the game

Take this match as a win/draw. Play, train, repeat but with more emphasis on ATTACK!

Very proud of the players tonight as we all are
You simply can not beat a ref
If Benji is injured and Reynolds isn’t fit then it’s Gambles turn to proove himself
I think he will be fantastic for our team
He will take this opportunity with both hands and do us proud
Its his time to shine

Has anyone seen any good specials on TV lately?
My ones broken .

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