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‘We got it wrong’: NRL says match-gifting penalty shouldn’t have been given

By Adrian Proszenko24 March 2018 — 12:26pm

The NRL has conceded the controversial match-deciding penalty call against Wests Tigers on Friday night against Brisbane was “incorrect”.
Referee Ashley Klein penalised Tigers forward Robbie Rochow for not standing square at marker in the 86th minute in golden point. Broncos winger Jamayne Isaako kicked the penalty goal to hand his side a 9-7 victory.

The decision stunned Tigers coach Ivan Cleary and shattered his side’s hopes of an unbeaten start to the season.
Having reviewed the decision, referees’ boss Bernard Sutton declared his officials got it wrong.
“Ultimately, the penalty was incorrect,” Sutton told Fairfax Media. “There are a couple of contributing factors to how the referees came to that decision.

“Initially, Robbie Rochow doesn’t start square, but he does adjust as the play-the-ball happens.
“The other thing is when (Joe) Ofehangue plays the ball, after playing it he steps towards the left. It gives the illusion to the referees that (Robbie) Rochow is standing standing beside, but he actually does adjust to the point where the ball is to be played.

I spoke to the referees last night about what they were looking at and again this morning once they have had a chance to review it themselves.
“We’ll move forward with it to the coaching aspect now - where they were standing, what could they see and how we reached that point.”
Sutton contacted Cleary on Saturday morning to inform the club of the NRL’s verdict on the call.

“Ivan and I have a reasonable relationship, we talk on a regular basis. We will continue to chat,” Sutton said.

“Everyone (Klein and assistant referee Matt Noyen) matched up their information in arriving to that decision. There is no one person responsible.”

Asked if either whistleblower was facing the axe given it was a match-deciding blunder, Sutton said: “Certainly we are not considering that at this point. We have another five games to go from the weekend. The big thing for us is to get through the weekend and then sit down on Monday and assess how we have come through each of the eight games.
“Then we can set some direction going forward. We won’t make any consideration on that until we get to the end of the weekend.”


That is just bloody great. Makes me feel much better …… really?

Cold comfort…didnt take long for the howler to rear its ugly head.

I expect Klein to be dropped now

That’ll be a big help if we miss the eight by ONE point.

So you cost a team 2 points and don’t even get dropped.

Maybe they could appoint him to a game at Leichhardt and another at Campbelltown….


That’ll be a big help if we miss the eight by ONE point.

Exactly, or the broncos make the 8/4 by 2 points

What a load of BS. Trying to justify the decision by saying the bloke playing the ball stepped left off the mark so that gave the impression Rochow wasn’t square well if that’s the case then the ref made 2 incorrect decisions in the one instance- why wasn’t he penalised for stepping off the mark? Good to see the NRL stands by its’ corruption.

Maybe they could make a ruling that Klein doesn’t get allocated to Tigers games for a certain number of rounds. At least it would give us some comfort that we might avoid that nitwit gifting our opposition the game for a while.


Cold comfort…didnt take long for the howler to rear its ugly head.

I expect Klein to be dropped now

You’re joking Ink dropping a ref, are you up there visiting BBF?

No we would be better off with him as he might feel he owes us a win.


Cold comfort…didnt take long for the howler to rear its ugly head.

I expect Klein to be dropped now

He won’t get dropped you can be sure. Toad Greenberg will come out in his defence “in this instance Ashley has made a judgement error, but it is a once-off and he will continue to referee next week. We apologise to the Wests Tigers for the incorrect decision”. Some fluff crap like that will seep out of the imbecile’s mouth in the next day or 2.
It is a pretty common occurrence for us to be dudded playing the Shonkos, 14 blokes on the field whilst the winning try is scored 2003 or 04, Pat Richards being denied a dead-set try at Suncorp 04 and now this. Corruption at it’s finest.

Little comfort now, but might help us get the rub of the green in the future.

Sorry Mr Sutton, there is one point that you missed: Ofehangue was not straight when playing the ball and in fact he was directed towards the corner post. This method of playing the ball gave the Broncos a distinct advantage. Why no penalty?

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