Credit for 2 who usually dont get it

Yes the usuals played great today, Moltzen, Farah, Ellis etc…

But today im giving credit to 2 guys who were brilliant, and have been for our run of 3 games…

Bryce Gibbs, as usual his defence has been rock solid, but his work in attack has been great, He is bending the line and doing it constantly. He has also cut out the penalties out of his game and IMO has been one of our best the last 3 weeks…

The other is Danny Galea, A highly under-rated player and IMO has been going better then anything Heigno has thrown up this year… Today his defence was AWESOME… The amount of times he put hits on canberra players to shut down their attack was unbelievable.
He isnt signed for next season AFAIK and imo he should be offered a spot right up now…

Just thought these 2 guys deserved the praise after great efforts today and the last few weeks…

Yep… I tend to give Gibbs a bit of spray after games but last week was one of his best games and this week he certainly didn’t let up… in regards to Galea… he hits harder than anyone else in the team! Great technique and has a very high work rate. He’s starting to find his feet in the side as he is getting more game time and i have no doubt he’ll start to show us something in attack!!

Good stuff from both players today!

Agreed completely.
With everyone doing what should be done in defence it meant that the best 2 defenders were able to stand out even more.
& Gibbs’ running has improved massively this season.

Gibbs was great & Galea is a machine in defence.

Gibbs had his best game in recent memory today. Galea worked hard.

best game i’v ever seen by one Danny Galea. (clapping icon or the hail ceaser icon)

Bryce Gibbs had his career best game and he is in career best form. If we get KG back next week I think we will thrash Manly. We might even do it without him.

In talking about our defence though… although i wasn’t at the game, Gallant barks orders non-stop for 80 mins! I think he’s played a part in the tigers improved defence

I agree, Gibbs, Ellis, Galea and Farrah were outstanding today. Moltzen was great as well. All good signs for our run to the semis

Gibbs ia allways good in defense thats not the reason why he gets it here

its hes go forward and it still is poor

btw imo gibbs is one of the best defense props in the game and he seems to play more like a 2nd rower than a prop

been happy with both all year.

Gibbs playing like that and with Galloway back fit & firing gives us a quality front-row. Skando, Payten, Shirnak & maybe Laurie can give us a good front-row rotation.

I hope that Gibbs keeps this up and another prop or two come up through the lower grades. It is still a major are of conern for our club.


btw imo gibbs is one of the best defense props in the game and he seems to play more like a 2nd rower than a prop

That is a conclusion I have also recently came to.

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