Own Your Own Piece Of Tigers Rozelle

They are auctioning it off

http://www.omaras.com.au/gallery.php?id_category=121" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

I’ll give them 10 cents for all of it… going once… going twice…

It’s really hard to tell what theyre auctioning … some of the photos look like normal auction items like dining table settings, coffee machines and other kitchen equipment … but some of the photos are of the bar, the front door, the big sign outside and even the footpath/front steps?!

Seen cleaner lookin hot bread shops in auburn compared to some of those kitchen items

Even pokie machines.

Alot is commercial equipment, some is memorobillia. A real mixed bag.

Sorry Galahs I don’t think they take dole cheques as sureity :slight_smile:

I’ll trade them my half pack of wiinie blues for all the pokies

But what will you fold your Flanno sleeve over without your Winnies?

I’ve upgraded from flannos to hoodies

You’ve lost touch with your roots.

Sell Out :slight_smile:

I guess it’s safe to say this now. What about the dunny door where I stuck the fWo sticker on it in 2006. It’s still on the back of one of those doors. That was the same day I scratched a fWo sticker off one of the tables there. Ahh memories…

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