Short Turnaround against Melbourne?

Does anyone know why the Tigers have taken the game to NZ with such a short turnaround to recover train then travel to another country could they have chosen a better game to take there maybe with a better turnaround

Yeah it sucks, but at least we didn’t gas ourselves in defence like the first 3 games.

Melbourne have some guys out, rumours are that Smith could be missing which would be good for us.

Fingers crossed!

I’m glad i’ll be supporting from up close

Im sure they aren’t responsible for it being a short turnaround. Blame the NRL for that.

It sucks. But its like when your mum shoots you. You don’t get upset. You say my mum shot me, better get myself to the hospital. No use of us complaining, we just get on with it.

As long as all the boys pull up after today they will be fine ,the weather at game time was not that bad and as mentioned they did not seemed totally gassed at the end.The weather over the ditch will be a pleasant surprise for them I see no reason at this stage why they couldn’t give Melbourne a shake!

Why = $$$

and we have a large NZ contingent and fanbase

Melbourne will be desperate…


Why = $$$

and we have a large NZ contingent and fanbase

Spartans right

And Melbourne don’t have a great record in NZ from memory

Another good test. Wouldn’t it be great to knock off the storm twice in a month.

Wonder what day they will fly over. The earlier the better imo.

Packer, Masters, Lolohea, Taylor, Matulino, Aloiai, Godinet and Chee-Kam. Marsters seemed pretty pumped to be playing in NZ as well:

Short journey. This group will be good and won’t listen to any reasons to perform at less than 100%.

After a not so perfect end to the game a short turn around might be a good thing. Players will want to show that they are better than that. A road trip is also an opportunity for an already tight team to become even closer.


Melbourne will be desperate…

Oh no, not again……

I’m wondering whether Parra exposed a weakness tonight. I’ve only watched the game live but didn’t they kick over the head of our wingers a couple of times for good results. Our wingers aren’t tall and I’m surprised this hasn’t been a tactic for oppositions thus far. Melbourne could do this well but without Cronk their kicking isn’t as accurate. Just a thought.

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