The Kick Chase..

Not only has Brooks and Marshall’s kicking game gone up a 1000 notches in 2018…

Just as importantly our chase has gone up a level as well…with Brooks Rowdy and Rochow leading the charge and most times a line of Wests Tigers defenders there to meet the kick returner…

Makes those mid-field bombs we love quite effective…big difference when a team needs to start the set inside their 20 as opposed to their 40m line…

Well done Ivan in instilling it’s importance,

We have also managed to force at least 1 line drop out from each opposition we have played this season, something we did not achieve last year.

I have noticed 3 major things that I reckon are the reason we are doing so well.

1. Line speed in defence is amazing
2. Kicking game of benji and brooks is phenomenal. Regularly finding space, the in goal and benjis bombs are uncatchable
3. Kick chase is fantastic. Every kick has a line of tigers meaning we always start the defensive set on the front foot.

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