Eels 3rd Try

I’m sure this doesn’t matter since we came away with the 2 points but I’m wondering if I missed something when they awarded the Eels 3rd try.

Nathan Brown appears to be in front of Norman when he takes the first kick and then he pushes Lolohea in the back which causes him to miss the ball in the in goal. Commentators didn’t mention it and the video ref missed it.

Not a big deal for the result of the game today but if we were 30-30 at that stage we’d be blowing up supreme. The refs did a good job yesterday but they’re still missing the consistency that everyone wants.

Didn’t come within the 10 from the 1st kick so passive offside …not involved in play and was behind the second kicker so onside…play on…

Yeah it was fine, he was over 10m away

I didnt think he was actually 10m away from the first kick bounce. Fair enough if he didnt specifically get involved in that play, but I thought he was still involved.

Also without a Tigers player touching the ball at that time, who actually played Brown onside for the second kick? I wasn’t sure if a second kick could nullify the original offside as the second kicker wasnt the first kicker (who can defn put you onside).

E.g. if I run downtown and stand 10m from the ball, if someone else who wasnt the kicker runs through and kicks the ball, am I automatically onside now? Do I only require one onside team member to touch the footy to put me onside again?

I had no issues with the try being awarded.

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