Moses ready to rebound for the Eels

Boy oh Boy did this guy go to school?…he must’ve wagged every English class.

He is a great source of humour you must admit… :roll

Mitchell Moses is frustrated. With himself, the competition ladder, even his teammates.
During the loss to his former club Wests Tigers, the sixth consecutive Parramatta defeat stretching back to last season, Moses gave teammate Kenny Edwards an expletive-filled spray for not getting to his feet quickly at the play-the-ball.
Mitchell Moses is frustrated by Parramatta’s poor start to the season.

“It’s just me being passionate,” Moses said.
“The boys know it’s not a personal thing or anything like that. I’m not going at the person because I don’t like the person.
“We’re a tight-knit group here; we all love each other. But I’m just passionate. It’s getting to that stage where we’re 0-4 and I’m really passionate about my team and I really want to win. “I think that’s all it is.

“The boys don’t take it personally at all, it’s my job to get up some of the boys if it’s deserved. That’s my job, I’m a halfback and I’ve got to be doing that stuff.

“It’s more just the passion side, I think. I wanted to demand perfection. None of the boys take it personally.”
Moses was also on the receiving end of a gobful himself. After missing a tackle that led directly to a try, the Eels No.7 copped harsh words from Michael Jennings.

“If I’m not doing my job I get sprayed myself,” Moses said. “That’s footy, you have to be able to cop it.”
By his own admission, Moses is playing below his best. He carried his strong club performances of 2017 into the Rugby League World Cup, producing a series of eye-catching performances that had him tipped for State of Origin honours. But despite enjoying a full pre-season at Parramatta, he and Corey Norman have struggled to assert themselves while playing with little football behind a beaten pack.

“Personally, my game hasn’t been up to scratch,” he said.
“I’ve got to focus on my own game, I think I’m worried about too many others instead of my own game. If I narrow it down and do what I do best, it will be better for the team.”

It’s my job to get up some of the boys if it’s deserved.

Asked why it hasn’t clicked for him in 2018, Moses said: “I’m not sure. We’ve been under the pump the last couple of weeks.
“We’ve lost two out of the four games from penalty goals. There’s no excuses, I haven’t been up to scratch and I need to pick up my game.”

According to Champion Data, Moses has had to do more work off the ball. With the Eels struggling to maintain possession, he has had to make an average of 17.2 tackles per game, averaging 3.2 misses. Asked if he was being targeted by the opposition, the 23-year-old said: “I’m not sure if they’re targeting me, I do find I’m making a lot more tackles. I’m handling myself in that situation, I feel more comfortable there.
“I’ve just got to pick up my game, that’s as simple as it is.”

The Eels are coming last in some of the game’s most crucial statistical categories, including completed sets (average of 21) and run metres per game (1174.5). Unlike previous seasons, the blue and golds haven’t been able to defend an error or penalty.
“The boys’ intent has been massive,” Moses said.

“We had a few sets in defence on the weekend, it was the fourth tackle on our 20-metre line and we gave away a penalty.
“The boys’ intent is there, they are busting their arse and putting all of our energy into defence. Our possession has been a bit low and we haven’t had the ball to put on some points or pressure. Once we get the ball we think we have to score because we haven’t seen it for a while.”

Along with Anasta could be the biggest TOOL in the shed!

Haha recipe for implosion

Well, he’s the boss the others just have to cop it sweet. He is a star you know.

he says um more than Woods

Words of a desperate man. Sounds like he’s lost any grip of reality.

Wow we sure missed a bullet there.
All of our big three turned out to be rather little. Ha!

Quote: "I do find I’m making a lot more tackles. I’m handling myself in that situation, I feel more comfortable there.
“I’ve just got to pick up my game, that’s as simple as it is.”

Oh! yeah, he’s handling himself alright.

Glad he joined a winning club.

I, me, my, I’m, I me me me me me me me.

Then you hear how IC has our team talking and its us, we

Cleary would have kittens if one of our players spoke like that. You have to question Arthur’s intelligence thinking it would be a good idea filling his dressing room with all these egos, then seemingly turning a blind eye when one has a tantrum. Parra failing will be in the running for the most predictable story of the year. This isn’t a surprise. Refreshing to know our club is far removed from that kind of insanity.


he says um more than Woods

Watched tonight’s game Dogs v Raiders…how good (not) is Woods going this year… :roll


I declare a Moses Teddy and Aaron free zone…



I declare a Moses Teddy and Aaron free zone…

Yes please!! (Maybe just a little more Moses bashing)

I couldn’t believe how Moses could swear and use the ‘c’ word on national television, and it not be such a big deal.
He can act like a spoiled brat all he wants, that’s Eels problem now thankfully, but it amazes me how times have changed with the tv stations.

I was glad to see Raiders win tonight, good on them for picking themselves up. Eels, well, I don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel for them.

If the last ten years has taught us anything in footy, it should be that you don’t pick a team of individuals (ala NSW), you pick a team of team players who will put the team first.

Anyway, see you in three or four weeks Moses when we get to play you again. If Moses stays fit and plays in that game, I’m confident we will beat them again.



I declare a Moses Teddy and Aaron free zone…

I have put a ban on myself since they signed else where. I refuse to say their names or type them at all. Dirt bags, all 3 of them.

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