Storms attack

They clearly have it over us in speed and hight on the edges. They couldn’t run through us rd 2 so i think they will be putting lots of balls up.

That Hoffman try worries me. Tubs was clearly outmatched. I’m kind of amazed no other teams have figured this out yet.

That’s my opinion on this game aswell…. has Croft got the game skills for this attack?We must pressure him on his attacking kicks in our own 20.

Melbourne look cooked they are not the same team.


Melbourne look cooked they are not the same team.

This what i think.
Nt just cronk but the ther who left and afrer the premiership they seem like not as hungry.

Lots of errors…
Ugly half.

Need to aim up for the next 40.
Less silly mistakes.

Same happened to us after 05?

Cam and Billy aren’t spring chickens. They dont have the speed anymore. Cam isnt out of dummy half like years past and thats why you see him taking kicks early for the field position.
Billy should give it away at the end of this season. Cam won’t because he loves money.

They played as well as WESTS Tigers allowed them…

We frustrated them with our defence…make no mistake we didn’t beat them because their attack was poor we beat them because we were better…

We kept big pressure on croft and he didn’t handle it well

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