Question development players

Question about development players if the Tigers bring some of the development players
In to the top 30 this year they can not change them back to development players next year ? so next year they have to be in the top 30 or ISP

I believe that’s correct. Also players can’t play in 3 grades only 2 so Sam McIntyre can’t move up to NRL as he’s played 20s and ISP

Players can’t play in 3 grades? That sounds absurd. IF a player is good enough, and there wont’ be many that are, they should certainly be able to move up to the next level of the game!

I’m sure if there are injuries they could approach the NRL for dispensation but the idea behind having 30 players in the squad is supposed to eliminate this

Development boys are 30 to 34 this year!
So unless major injuries in the top side no nrl for them this year!
Next year some are in the top 30!
I know for a fact at least 1 will be, maybe 2.
It has nothing to do with 3 grades its the boys Development contracts

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