What did you expect after 5 rounds

Just wondering where everyone thought we’d be after 5 rounds?
I was impressed with our preseason but was worried we could play well but still be 0-5.

I thought 2-3 would be a great outcome considering our draw and newness of our team.

At worst we’ll be 3-2, at best 4-1. No way I thought that would be the case but it’s fantastic!

I thought we would win round 1 and maybe 1 more for 2-3 as a good result. Would have been happy with that start, but delighted now.

Something to bear in mind, the teams we’ve played were last years top 4, but not the actual tough draw we expected. I’m looking forward top playing the dragons, warriors, Panthers and manly to see where we are at.

If we got one win we were doing okay 2 I would have been delighted with 3 or 4 didn’t even cross my mind. Really hope we can keep surprising

I honestly thought we would likely jag a single win, be 1-4, but would have improved significantly on previous years.

I did say to my mates that have all picked us for the wooden spoon that our start would be slowly and then through the year we would slowly creep through and potentially make the 8 in the last game.

5-0 …I’m still upset about the Broncos loss…oh well only 23 more wins in a row for the Premiership…

Pitchforks to be out for Brooks.

0-5 but highly competitive was my view at the start of the season. I reckon we will win today in Golden Point.

I was just hoping for good attitude, high energy and being competitive in all of the games. Didn’t expect to win much given the schedule. Ivan and the boys have excelled themselves.

Forum chaos I guess

Calls for Cleary’s head

Geo in rehab

Watto to admit he was closet Wests Panthers fan

Hobbo to renounce his English ties

Dave Warner to be Knighted

Stryker to find another persona

1 & 4 if we were lucky was my thought. Lack of backs is still my concern and when a couple go down injured, we’ll struggle. I expect some sort of slump as well. So fingers crossed we can keep this roll going for a while yet.

Not this that’s for sure! I was hopeful for an improvement on last year, but I never in a million years thought we would be playing this well, so early in the season.

I was hoping for 2-3 but 4-1 is outstanding.Not many points as yet but our defence is 2nd to none

I’m not sure what I expected… but it sure wasn’t this!!

Not this, not even close to be honest, thought we may have beaten Parra at least, close losses against the Storm and Broncos, the Roosters were a loss. Just amazing

i was hoping 2 wins would keep us somewhat in touch of the 8 considering our draw.

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