What did you expect after 5 rounds


Look the team has created great defence but there is still a lot of improvement in attack needed to be convincing. When we play the red hot form teams will be the test. The leading lights from last year , Storm, Broncos and Parra have all faded from top form,

My mate was fuming when Tigers attacking the line and would go down with the ball when there are 3 players waiting for the board out wide. If my mate is right they need refinement.

I thought top 4 or last place. We were either going to be properly sorted coming out of pre season, or we weren’t, so it was kind of an all or nothing deal considering the draw we had.

it’s not only the brick wall defence it’s the not giving up, no setback so far is getting to the players, we seem to not give a crap about injuries, bad calls against us and continue on.

Tell me I’m dreaming after 5 rounds…I honestly thought we would be 0-5


If we got one win we were doing okay 2 I would have been delighted with 3 or 4 didn’t even cross my mind. Really hope we can keep surprising

Pretty much this for me

I thought 2-3 with our losses to Storm and Broncos and us getting up against Slimey and Teddy

I thought no wins, maybe 1. Certainly didn’t pick us offing melbourne or Easts.

1 - 4
Maybe 2 - 3
I would have been happy with 2 from 5.

2-5 didn’t expect to beat melb twice and really wanted to hammer parra.
Really impressed with defence

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