May be in the twilight of his career but he has produced the most stunning sunset I have ever seen.

Our team today:
Defensively fantastic.
Attack is surging.
We worked for each other 200%
Overall magnificent.


Didn’t have a great game today but I will take a game with a game winning field goal every day of the week.

Stood up when it mattered.

Haha yeah he pulled his finger at the crucial time

Reynolds straight back in for mine.

A fair bit of down but came good at critical times. I would have thought by now that he could have had a consistently good game. I guess that’s him.

I think Benji panicked a bit today and went for the big play way too often instead of settling things down and controlling the play.

Kicking the field goal redeems him somewhat but I hope Ivan has a quiet word with him about his performance the last couple of games


Reynolds straight back in for mine.

On the bench for Reynolds. Benji is a big reason why Brooks is going well at the moment. Reynolds eventually will be our 6 though.

Too many errors but came up with the goods at the end

Thank god

How quick some of you turn on a bloke… Off of one performance you are prepared to drop him? You were praising the ground he walked on 2 rounds ago???

Remember he is almost certainly playing with a serious ankle injury. His biggest contribution is to the development of Brooks. Well done Benji.

Wasn’t his best but kicked the winner!

Benji’s not a young man anymore. When Reynolds is back Benji should still start but he’ll be able to rotate to the bench for 20 minutes a game. Benji and Liddle playing 60 each with Reynolds playing 40

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