ISP Team Announcement: Round 6

uh oh…looking terrible right now

we play last year turnstile defense in the 2nd half

That really was a woeful last 20 minutes. Deserved to lose.

What a disgracefull set, we deserve to lose and we will

we manage to lose the game somehow :crazy
Loosing Grant, Sue and Gamble was too much.
If we need goal kicker, Drinkwater is much better option, Lalohea did not try a single conversion, it was Drinkwater by default.
A few good players: Drinkwater, Price, Garner, the other did not look really trying.
At the end, 2nd lost game after a big lead, our defense must improve.



Our ISP Squad is very strong & should knock the Bears into hibernation.

If they were not so damn lazy!. ]

That was hard to watch.
I really can’t point to one player who deserves a positive mention.
Defence …… what defence?

Gave away far to many penalties and missing some of the players that have moved into the FG squad this week.

Drinkwater was good and Tui not the best fullback in the ISP team….

Ah well that’s the reggies for you. If they were consistently good they wouldn’t be playing at lunch time. That said they’re a good shot at winning the comp.

They missed Grant Sue and Gamble in that later half…similar to the loss against Wyong they stopped playing…

Mistakes from the FG contingent also costly…

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