Brandy/ Players playing too long

Just on the topic of Brandy having a dig at JT about his form. Justin Hodges has come out and spoken about how Ridiculous Brandy’s comments were.

The thing is though, I totally agree with Brandy. He has tried his guts out but 1. Hes trying to do too much which is hampering Michael Morgan and 2. He actually does look slow predictable. I get that hes been out for a year and confidence takes time to get back. But with all due respect when your on a million a season in your last season you cannot afford to take a dozen games to get going. Look at Lawrence with us. He has been outstanding this season even though I thought he might not reach those heights. He isn’t on big money so its great both ways. The question I want to ask is when do you make the call? Mannah for the Eels? John Sutton for the rabbits? Sam Thaiday for the Broncos? Do you allow them to perform at a lower level because of there record with the club? How far do you allow it to go before you realise you have to drop them for someone in better form? I’m not saying JT wont come back into form. He most likely will. At the moment though he does look like a player that has gone one year too long. Just hope for cowboys fans that it wont derail there season….

On a side note Cooper Cronk annoys the crap out of me as a commentator. Talk about sitting on the fence. I want commentators to be truthful and say that a player is not playing well or a coach has bad tactics. Corey Parker and Cooper Cronk last week sounded like they’d sit on the fence about Hitler or Osama Bin Laden.

The Roosters have a very effective way of sorting through the emotions and “feel good” stuff when dealing with long-serving, loyal players.
They just chuck em out the season before they get stale and buy the Australian rep for that particular position.

Cooper Cronk does 100% Cronkspeak, it’s terrible, robotic, automated.

I agree with Brandy, even a legend can go around 1 year too many, and if you think that might be true, then no harm saying it. Let JT prove his legend and prove the doubters wrong.

He does look slow though.

Whilst insensitive, I don’t blame clubs for showing their legends the door sometimes, it all depends on how it’s handled by the players and hierarchy. For example, could you imagine having Thurston on $1mil in his final contract year and then handing him an extension for $400k/year? IMO that would be a bit of a slap in the face. “You’re a club legend but you’re not worth it anymore” And on the flip side, they can’t slowly decrease in increments of $100/200k a year, because on 800k he still wouldn’t be worth it. Clubs can risk copping a lot of flack for “ill-treatment” in those cases. So in-turn sometimes it’s just easier for the club to move them on rather than offer them a new, cheaper contract because they’re not performing to FG standard. Usually though, if the player has declined rapidly, they come out and announce their retirement and then the club offers them a development/coaching position and it’s all happy days.

Note: This is all hypothetical, I am in no way saying Thurston is only worth 400k.

Thurston is busted…every team will target him just as they always have but that punishment takes it’s toll…you never knock a champion I don’t believe Brandy was and I agree with him…

Along with Thourston…Cooper Cammy Billy are all fantastic once in a generation players but the later 3 have 1 more thing in common …they are flogs…

Brandy upset a few people with this comment 😂 they reckon it’ll fire JT up for his next game.

At the end of the day… JT isn’t playing well and it looks like Morgan knows it too.

Cronk is a dud off the field. Can’t stand him.

JT looks like he’s gone around a year too long. Players can really fall off a cliff real fast once they get into the 32-34 age range. That’s why id be wary of Marshall, regardless how well he’s playing.

JT does look off the boil, I don’t think they are winning the game up front either which never helps the halves.

Cream always rises to the top and I think he’ll return to his best before the seanon gets too far away from them.

What a farce that whole thing has turned into. Expert commentator, payed to give his opinions, does his job, is completely misquoted and all of a sudden it’s disrespectful……my god there are some sensitive people in this world. Thankfully Thurstons response was all class.

As for players playing too long, you can’t really blame them, it’s very lucrative and would be hard to walk away from the adrenaline and atmosphere of NRL games.

If the experts can’t give their opinion then just do away with them. Thurston has been off his best this year which is to be expected coming off a long term injury. The level of snowflakeness among some circles is ridiculous though, watch some American/English punditry. They will give much harsher opinions than that and nobody bats an eye.

I think it is just indicative of today’s culture of the instant internet culture, the PC brigade that demands every comment and situation is sanitised, airy fairy and always positive. In addition everybody feeling the need to be outraged about everything and feeling the need to comment on everything on social media platforms.
Brandy made a very reasonable statement and to me “implied”that MAYBE JT has played a year too long - a reasonable hypothesis based on his performances so far, and far far far from being disrespectful.
Similar comments have been made about a lot of players over the years and will continue to be made. Is JT, Cammy the Koala and others immune to any implied or otherwise comments around performance? I think not.
As someone else mentioned JT handled it with the class he has displayed in recents years - as he rightly said “ he’s entitled to his opinion” as we all are in a democratic and free country without the PC brigade trying to shame people into their meeting their agenda.

Think JT will have a big game against the Dogs

Cronk was woeful against the Bunnies, will Brandy declare he should have retired while at the Storm?

It’s really not the cowboys season it seems. JT isnt the player he used to be. I’m not convinced that they’re chosen one in Morgan is the guy to take over either. Thurston and Co. might end up battling it out with Parra for 15th the way things are going

Old Yeller looked more full of life when he got taken behind the barn then poor old JT.


JT does look off the boil, I don’t think they are winning the game up front either which never helps the halves.

Cream always rises to the top and I think he’ll return to his best before the seanon gets too far away from them.

I have to agree CB,Thurston is a class act on and off the field,he is returning after a lay off due to surgery.People better not kid themselves and think that JTs career is over,as you noted his forwards arent delivering up front which makes his job even harder,sounds like our pack last year and Brooks expecting to shine…When JTs fitness is peak and the forwards get sorted,the Cowboys will come good,they are a good side and have been slow starting such as Storm,Raiders,Roosters etc etc….

sidenote…I have always liked JT for the player and person that he is,he has been the Cowboys true legend and ambassador,if he has been playing to long and not giving 200 percent each time he goes out,then he would be man enough to hang up the boots and not be a burden on the team…

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