Anyone betting here. Done super first 5 weeks still thinking about this.
Anybody see other teams to combine with.

My confidence has lifted with the inclusion of Reynolds and a Sue or Grant. Packer is a massive loss but 4 weeks is just a holiday at this time to freshen him up. Thinking the new guys will lift team again because they need to draw fresh guard now. I’ve gone from 20% to a 50-50 game at least.

Apart from the weekends game,sportsbet are offering wests tigers 2.10 to make the final 8.
good odds methinks there.

4.35 to make the final four.
a bit more risky.
gamble responsibly.

Well I wanted to put big bucks off season at $6.50 to make 8 but didn’t want the money locked up that long. At 2.10 their basically saying we are 50 50 but I think we are 90% to make 8.

how are we $2.30 against Manly are we ever going to be favourites


how are we $2.30 against Manly are we ever going to be favourites

After our win against the eagles, they will start taking us seriously.


how are we $2.30 against Manly are we ever going to be favourites

Our record at fortress Brookie is not good

We are drifting further. Not good.
Any news?

Of course we are drifting. We have over performed so far according to the bookies and punters, we have lost the leader of our pack, the games at Brookvale. After years of poor performances it will take a few more weeks to prove we are the real deal. Enjoy the longer odds while you can because the market will readjust by round 9/10

Just hope the drifting is not because somebody has learnt a rort is prepared against us. Don’t want another Brisbane scenario.

Just today’s money for manly imo…

Possible explanation:
Ben Cummins

Ashley Klein
Senior Review Official

Got scared off with us drifting in betting and had nothing on in the end.

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