If Ivan moves on at the end of his contract

If ivan moves on and the team is performing like they are now in 2 yrs time. Has he done enough to attract another top tier coach

So much to happen between now and then enjoy the present and see what happens.

Why would you be thinking like this?
Just enjoy the NOW

You must be fun at weddings

We’ve finally reached the stage where we now have to make up hypothetical’s in order to find things to stress over.

Why would he want to move on?

He is king here already.

Don’t want to sound critical but some threads are mind blowing to put it mildly

Are we trying to help ourselves self implode ??

At this point in time I really don’t understand the purpose of this thread.

Lol far out, sure its hypothetical like 75 % of the threads. It was just a talking point regarding perhaps the most important signing in the clubs history. Lock the thread, it clearly goes against all the forum rules. Peace and love

No problem the great Brett Hodgson will be ready….


His not going anywhere .

He is

I reckon Ivan will move on at some time in the future. There will be much gnashing of teeth. Just like the when the mythical three walked off into the mists of football oblivion. But we survived. Nay, we thrived, for we are (thats the royal we) Wests Tigers.
Or something like that.

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