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I was reading last night an article in news,com, re Carney getting an NRL contract as soon as today…some NRL head honchos are travelling to Townsville to verify the conditions of the contract…
It also mentioned that the feeder club for the Cowboys that Carney was playing and training for have lost him to the NRL side which he has been training with…
could this be Carneys resurrection as JT seems to be playing very ordinarily atm maybe because of injury and the team has lost so many games so far…
only passing on what I read and I was wondering what most peoples thoughts are if he does play FG for the Cowboys and does he make a difference to the side in a positive way???

I have never seen a real problem with Carney on the bad boy scale he is pretty low …. he is a DH and really only hurt himself by his actions . The bubbler was an over reaction by the NRL the public humiliation alone was penalty enough coupled with a sizeable fine.
The guy needed help with his drinking problem not banishment, pretty much over the hill now but still a competent player not really going to fill JTs shoes .

Hope he comes back and has a chance to show he has cleaned up his act. He is a class footballer when he is on and would add value to any team. He had a troubled relationship with alcohol and should be provided with support - the media blow stupid acts way out of proportion.

1. Morgan
6. Carney
7. JT

The bubbler thing was extremely stupid but never deserved to be banned from coming back for this long. Good luck to him

Todd Carney is 31 and it is a very long time since he was in Dally M medal winning form. He was hardly lighting up the ESL in his time over there. Not sure why people expect he’s going to waltz into the Cowboys spine absent injuries…

He is drinking from water bottles now. He has turned a corner.

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