Marsters re-signs

Ivan Cleary is the gift that keeps on giving.

Well done Tigers!! Keep the good news coming.

Great news. Very happy with this news!! Sounds like a great kid in every aspect.

Great stuff. His got poise and class.
But really who would want to leave this joint at the moment.

Great news, he has certainly developed into a very good player.

Great stuff esan! Key resigning for us.

What a player we luv you bro :righton:

Great news!!

He spoke about a desire to play for NZ and repaying the club and Ivan for giving him a chance.

His head and heart are in a good place and will really show on the football field this is a huge signing for us.

Like so many of these young fellers at the WestsTigers, he really seems a very impressive young man.
Looking from the outside in, it would seem that the feeling around this team is so different from last year - and not just because we are winning. With the departure of certain players, it seems that the remaining guys and the new recruits are bonding into a really tight unit - and that will stand them in good stead when the inevitable losses come around.
Well done to Ivan and the whole coaching staff and of course the ‘front office’ where this entire transformation began.

Well done Tigers, good kid with a good attitude and bright future

Great news and well deserved

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