Combined bret + magpies

I don’t get the chance to watch many NSW Cup games, except for the odd one or two on foxtel. I am however interested to know what the regular attenders and watchers of NSW CUP feel would be the best 17, combined from both BRET and Wests.

I personally feel majority of the Toyota cup players are too young and soft to make the automatic transittion to NRL (rare talents excluded) as they haven’t had to play week in week out against larger more mature opponents, even if Mr Sheens doesn’t agree. Its for this reason I would like to have a better idea on what the 17 best backup players from state cup would be. Give me your opinions and some idea what we have. Thanks

Couldn’t get it narrowed down to be honest.

I just tried and it is not easy especially the back row

Fullback & Hooker would be contentious as well

Bit hard as most would pick there favorites. I’ve probably forgot someone but I’d go with the following -

1 George Kepa
2 Sean Meaney
3 Josh Davis
4 Arrana Tamauta
5 Rhys Pritchard

6 Blake Lazarus
7 Nathan Waters

8 Duan Poaneki
9 Chris Corby
10 David Gower
11 Willie Mataka
12 Simon Dwyer
13 Jared Farlow

14 Ryan Carr
15 Nu Akeripa
16 Al Schirnack
17 Andrew Pearn

18 Jason Schirnack
19 Dean Rysko

Coach Leo Fletcher

Meanie! Are you serious! lol

1 Sean Meany
2 George Keppa
3 Josh Davis
4 Nu Akeripa
5 Rhys Pritchard

6 Arana Taumata
7 Blake Lazarus

8 Duan Poaneki
9 Ryan Carr/Chris Corby
10 Alan Schirnack
11 David Gower
12 Simon Dwyer
13 Jared Farlow

14 Ryan Carr/Chris Corby
15 Will Mataka
16 Jason Schirnack
17 Andrew Pearn/Eloni Vunakace

18 Andrew Pearn/Eloni Vunakace
19 Rhys Curran

It really is very hard

Trying to weigh up the future and the experience and combining two very different teams

I left out David Fifita but in reality that wouldn’t happen under the current system as he is a Wests Tigers trainer.

Very hard to leave Sam Latu out but age is a factor as with Lee Bennett

Next year gets harder again with a new batch of under 20’s kids joining the ranks.

The amount of NYC players dumping into grade is the one reason I am not sold on the concept of merging teams. Realistically you would end up within 2-3 years of having a entire squad of very green players

From my very limited exposure to state cup, I agree with your statements on NYC smeg. Thanks for your squads stake and smeg.

just proves why they should increase the age limit of the nyc

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