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Ive seen a few posts here and more on WTs FB where people seem to be quite upset with Josh Reynolds commentating for FOX.
He did todays Parra & Manly game as well as yesterdays Souths match I think….a common theme is hes not supporting his team while hes injured.
Hes obviously got a TPA with FOX, to call games when hes available while injured or whatever.
I dont see a problem with it, but people need to think how other fans would feel him doing our games.
I dont think many would like Mitch Pearce doing last nites game, or Hayne doing next weeks game v us (except for the fact theyre not playing)
Players have lives too, and theyre entitled to earn what they can while they can

A non issue. Normal practice for those outside 1-19 named squad to not travel.

Good luck to him is all I can say, it’s a non-issue.

Tall poppy syndrome….

Tall poppy syndrome….

Gasnier’s biased commentary on our game last night was pretty bad, people could be forgiven for thinking he was an ex-Knights player.

I’d rather a pro-Tigers person in the media commentating than some of the other idiots they’ve got going around.

Reynolds is injured and so long as he does his rehab and trains, it is good for him to get this exposure, and as people have noted, quite possibly part of the TPAs involved in supplementing his salary at the Tigers.

Cronk is an active player and is commentating. Don’t really see a difference.

No issue with this at all. Was surprised when people were upset by it, I’m sure I’d it was a Sydney game he would have been there. Reynolds has shown loyalty to the squad the entire time he has been at the club so I’m sure he was supporting the team somewhere. If he wants to commentate in our games even better but I’m sure he’d find it hard to contain his excitement in the box.

Clubs usually dont take injured players to out of town games. The team were up there a few days prior dont see the problem with it. Whatever he is doing on or off the field while contracted he still effectively representing our club anyway, good and or bad.

I am sure what he did would have been sanctioned by management and the coach.

Would not have done so without permission imo.

Mountain out of a mole hill.

Gasnier loves the tigers.
Always shows us love.
Probably was calling it how he saw it regarding the knights game.

Any free promotion of our club is all good … as someone touched on could be Tpa…who cares get back on the field grubby we need you !


Any free promotion of our club is all good … as someone touched on could be Tpa…who cares get back on the field grubby we need you !

Yeah pretty sure it was mentioned on 360 that Josh has TPA with Fox.

Gotta do something to keep your mind active when not being able to play. Re-hab would be boring as…

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