One game only

A bit surprised that there is only one game this Sunday …. I was looking forward to the new ISP competition being played prior to the main fixture .
The NRL seem he’ll bent on driving supporters away , it was always a great afternoon when it was game day to watch 3 grades yes the old days … now they can not be bothered even giving 2 games . The NRL have to start offering a bit more than one game at ANZ or for that matter any ground on game day ! Maybe it is time for double headers every week.

A lot of commentators and Fans are banging about the same thing.

No earlier game makes the day less appealing for me and mine.

If I get the clearance and negotiate the logistics to get a home game with the family, I would like watch more than the 1st grade.

NRL do not run the ISP competition anymore it is independent and run by the NSWRL in NSW and the QRL in Queensland….

The scheduling for ISP is decided by those bodies… it is not tied to the NRL in any way…

They should work together then… It’s not rocket science


They should work together then… It’s not rocket science

This is the reason our game is dying a slow death , are thinks going to get better with Mr Commonwealth I am sorry for everything games Beattie running the NRL ! No one cares so the vine withers !


They should work together then… It’s not rocket science

Exactly. All the talk about fans from Greenburg… scheduling like this makes it just lip service.

They might be the good old days, but having reserves and boys playing prior to the big game was brilliant and the best way to engage fans. What we have now is pretty ordinary in comparison imo.

So what if different bodies run the competition? Bloody well work together!! NRL could not care less about current fan base - only interested in reaching new supporters. They know the ‘rusted on’ fans are here for keeps.
Really sad only one game - hardly worth the effort really when I can watch on Fox at home.
But I’ll be there - and that’s the problem!

The thing is - playing the two games at the one venue offers value for money (which you don’t get now). The ISP players get to see all the NRL team games and bond better with the players in the higher grade.

The NRL don’t care as long as the TV people are happy, Broncos, Storm, Rorters etc. are happy and they are (the executives) on good money.

“Bugger the supporters”. (Maybe that should be engraved on the 2018 trophy).

That’s a real shame I was hoping to catch some of the reserve grade to get a better look at how they are going. The schedule of all grades is being made more and more for TV and crowds are just left to dwindle.

Both games are Parras home games. Wouldn’t the venue come down to them, not the NRL?


Both games are Parras home games. Wouldn’t the venue come down to them, not the NRL?

You may be onto something, Wests played someone (dogs?) in ISP before we played Parra (our home game) in Rd 3 or whenever it was

Really enjoyed watching new players like Gamble, Fonua and McQueen before the first game against the rorters. It’s a must that the league do better than they are offering the fans now.

Used to love getting out to Lidcombe, Pratten Park etc and watching all 3 grades. Gave us a really good look at the up-and-comers. Even before that, I remember seeing some great future players (especially Souths) in the 1963 grand finals. Still have the water soaked program here with all the names.

As many have stated, it’s just another disappointing aspect of the game at the moment. I remember watching all three grades in the past and what cracking value that was! Not sure if I could sit through three matches now, but to expect two games is pretty reasonable, especially when paying between 30 and 50 dollars for a ticket!

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