Field goal option

This week when 6 in front, and have opportunity go for the field goal option, to give 7 point lead. 💡

Why persist with attempting to kick ball into opponent in goal area, when it doesn’t always get you a repeat set of 6 tackles. Often the opponents get a 7 tackle set. :crazy

do something different, kick a field goal, opponent won’t always be expecting it.

Miss the field goal, give away 7 tackle set.

I think thats the risk/reward right there.

Better off pressing from more than 1 point. As underdog said the risk isn’t worth to reward early in the game. If you have a shot to go up 7-0 and miss and they march down the field and score off the 7 tackle set you look a fool and put the team in a poor position. At least going for a repeat set gives you a chance of the ball back or tackle 1 close to the line or a try.

I’m all for taking the one point at times…. Especially before half time to get a 1, 7, 9 or 13 point lead. Do it when teams are least expecting it I say.

Top halves put the opposition to the sword …Newcastle did not even look like thinking a one point was an option ,If Brooks was running the team he would of kicked the field goal with 4 mins left .They had 6 tackles to do it .Brooks has not got the goods plain and simple I just could not believe for 6 tackles in front they could not close it out :bash it was the only option.

Not sure why people think the field goal was the option last week. We kick one and go up by 3. Clock stops when the point is awarded. Newcastle kick off and potentially and back on the attack for a try to win the game. Same thing them needed before a field goal is kicked but with better field position.

I still think of the Wests Tigers very first game at Campbelltown. We had that won IMHO. Took a shot too early, missed it, Broncos came away with a draw.
Save FGs til right near the death if 6 clear or if half time is seconds away.

I would go one step further and the 1st set of 6 in opposition territory …kick a field goal…


I would go one step further and the 1st set of 6 in opposition territory …kick a field goal…

And then March down field and kick another one and another one. Starve the opposition of possession and win 21-0.

To me, it’s an option that is way under utilised. Its one of my real pet peeves whenever it’s gets to the 60th or 65 minute, the talk of field goals start and whether it’s too early. Yet if a team gets a penalty right in front, it’s considered a no brainer that you take the 2. What’s the difference? It’s never too early to take the lead.

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