Benji and Brooks Not Targeting our Wings

I’ve been noticing recently that Benji and Brooks haven’t really been targeting our wings. They’ll only ever put in grubbers and get a repeat set or might get a try out of it. I haven’t really seen them put in a chip towards our wings much this season. Just a thought that popped in my head.

Playing the percentages.


Playing the percentages.

True. But sometimes it’s alright to occasionally put a chip towards our wings. Other teams do it and score. I remember a few seasons ago Nofo would score all the time off chips out on his wing.

They are generally smaller then opposite wingers so understand why…
Don’t change something that works and it make us work over the defence middle guys…

To put in chips to the corner you need someone who can come through and jump over the top of the stationary catcher. No one springs to mind……

Those often blow up in your face. Nice to have in the kit if you spot the opposing winger’s been forced in, but they’re usually pretty low percentage as a last tackle option.

For what’s becoming a signature move, I love the way Brooks will run across the line on the last and try and draw the defence, then cut the grubber kick back through the hole he’s created as they slide on the goal line. Keeping Benji on his outside as he does it splits the defence as well.

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