Head protection

I note Taylor is out due to HIA failure. Maybe it’s time we instituted the leather headgear like that worn by Thurston? What do people think about it? The concussion rule is,having a big effect now during matches and afterwards, maybe the headgear might help ameliorate something than can have lifelong consequences.


I believe such headgear does not help in concussion.

Head gear won’t do much to protect you , especially at this level

Very few kids wear head gear these days , I reckon maybe 4-5 kids from about 15 in my young kids side wear them

My understanding is that most studies have shown that headgear does little to protect head injuries and, in fact, can exacerbate them.

Apart from helping some potential cuts and abrasions, I doubt they will do any good unless they have developed something that can stop the brain moving within the skull from impact.

Never wore headgear until I was 18 - went front on in a tackle and literally butted heads with a guy at full speed front on…should have knocked me and him out cold, but I bounced off with no harm done.

Definitely would have come off the field if it weren’t for the headgear.

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