Ayshford, Moltzen & Benji - Defence

All these guys made some really good 1 on 1 tackles and also some very good reads in defence.
They’ve really helped tighten up some defensive areas where we’ve struggled.
Ayshford is a particularly good defender I think.
Benji’s defence has really improved and looks solid these days. Very impressed.

Benji’s defence has definitely improved.

I think our D today was good all across the park, special mention to Galea, Gibbs and Farah, but everyone was great today

you could really name any 3 players. how about ellis, gibbs and galea. team effort.

Ellis, Gibbs & Galea we know can defend.
This is the first time in a long while that we haven;t had to hide at least one of our halves.
In fact today we had a halves combination both of whom shut down everything thrown at them. & Ayshford is a brand new kid who has done a very good job defensively at centre which is one of the toughest spots to defend properly.

Defense is a team thing, if the forwards are defending well it makes things a hell a lot easier out wide. When a team starts to cut you up in the forwards thats when things start to go pear shape. The likes of Gelea, Ellis and farah were outstanding

benji still makes my heart race when he leads into tackles with his shoulders n tries to bury big forwards running full steam at him. u can not question benji’s courage to do that after so many shoulder op’s. love him or hate him, he has heart.
ayshford was very suss in defence the first few games and looked lost at times but has improved. cant wait to see his size in 2010.
moltzen also has heart to take on big forward running at him.
well done boys.

Defence across the entire side was good today but the right side has improved with Ayshford, Moltzen and Benji out there.

Benji, reminds me of Manly’s ,Cliffy Lyons,runs around like a chook with its head cut off,does some good things and does some really bad things…never consistent…

Ayshford better step up to,doesn’t do much in a game .Your in first grade mate…give 100% im not convinced on this guy yet…

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